In the world of filmmaking, horror stories are a dime a dozen; from talent clashing with directors or each other, to differences in creative vision, to cold craft services. Fortunately, the superhero movie world seems to be a happy one, full of bromances and practical jokes. As 2017’s Wonder Woman wrapped filming, director Patty Jenkins tweeted out a thank you to everyone who worked on the film, along with a group picture featuring star Gal Gadot in full WW gear:


With all the setup done for this movie in BvS, Princess Diana’s stand-alone hopes to deliver on some missed hype. Hopefully enough to even excuse why she thought she could get a picture back from Lex Luthor’s computer.


“It’s the original JPEG, Bruce.”

Seriously. Once it’s in digital form, it’s EVERYWHERE.

What are you hoping to see from the Throwback Superhero movie (World War I, remember)?

“Wonder Woman” Director Thanks Crew as Filming Wraps