The opening Weekend No one expected World War Z do do as well as it did! Brad Pitt Making surprise Visits to fans at screenings might have helped lol. But the story everyone is Buzzing about besides rumors of a sequel, everyone is talking about World War Z’s original ending and how it was never finished.

**** Spoiler  ALERT! ****

The World War Z Original Ending was supposed to be Brad Pitt as his Character Gerry showing off what he found out at the W.H.O Location in a Battle field setting. Gerry found himself in russia and used his new immunity in a battle field setting as proof of his method.

Director Marc Forster had this to say about the original ending to the film.:

World War Z Original Ending

“Basically in the original ending, after the Israel sequence and the plane crash, Gerry is in Russia, and the storyline of what he finds out at the WHO lab is what he finds in Russia but he applies his theory in a battlefield setting,” Forster explained to ahead of the film’s release this week on Blu-ray. ” We never finished that footage because we all agreed after Israel and the plane crash you’re battle fatigued and you really want the movie to be more quiet and you don’t want it to go into another huge combat situation” As Forster points out, some of the Russian battle sequence can be seen in the quick montage at the end of the film, but the complete sequence will never be seen. “I don’t think you’ll ever see the Russia sequence, because we never really finished it; we never spent the money to do the visual effects. Once we shot it and we did a rough cut, everyone agreed that this is too big and too exhausting, it would be better to go a simpler route.”

Brad Pitt and Forster had a Feud about the ending of the film and finally settled on a World War Z Ending scene featuring Gerry &  a Lab Doctor Zombie One on One at the W.H.O headquarters. The scene ended the movie on an emotional High rather than another mass battle scene like the one in Egypt.

World War Z Original Ending

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