X-MEN- APOCALYPSE-movie-2016

So just after we get the release of the Amazing Spider-Man 2 Trailer Director Bryan Singer has taken to his Twitter account to announce the #Xmen #APOCALYPSE Movie. This is huge news for any Marvel Fan! Because a X-Men: APOCALYPSE Movie will introduce to the silver screen one of the most Impressive villains of ALL TIME!

Check out the Tweet from Bryan Singer Below and Let us know what you think!


Bryan-singer-X-MEN- APOCALYPSE-movie-2016

According to Singer the Movie is to be released in 2016 and it maybe a Continuation of the X-men Days of future past movie! We hope anyway. This will put the X-Men on the same level as the avengers in Box office numbers and will also bring more characters to life on the big screen.

X-MEN: APOCALYPSE! Announced by Bryan Singer