**Update the Issue May also be a Defect with the USB Headset adapter.**

A lot of Users may have Experience issues with their new Xbox One controllers turning off and Dying randomly. Testing out the new controller we found that sometimes when connected to the Xbox one headset there would be a loud sound right before the controller dies. Testing this more we discovered that when sometimes connecting the USB Xbox One headset to the controller would cause the controller to die.

At first we thought it was an issue with the Battery power and the controller running out of Juice. And that lead us to another problem, how to find out exactly how much juice was left in the batteries on the controller!? You used to be able to just hit the “X” button that would show you the Battery power left in the wireless controller as well as if you had a headset connected. Hopefully this issue will be updated in the Next Xbox One OS update.

Anyway Back to the Issue at hand! If your Xbox One Controller Dies Randomly or cuts off in the middle of a game it might be w few of the issues below and we hope these help you find a solution.

If your Xbox One controller wont stay connected to your Xbox 

  • You may have to recharge the Batteries or use fresh ones. The Xbox one Hero Controller has been noted to burning out Batteries pretty quickly.
  • Your controller Is out of range? This one is unlikely but in any-case if you find that your controller is more than 30 feet away from the Xbox One then you are not close enough.
  • Your Wireless Router is interfering with the Xbox controllers signal. The Xbox one uses the same type of wireless signal as most home wireless routers. Try and separate them.
  • Also try another Controller, if this controller works without any issues you may have hardware issues and you should get a replacement while you still have the MAnufactures warranty. Go here to get full service and more information. Xbox One Help!

For more information and help with these issues also check below.


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