Many new owners of the Xbox One Jump online ready to play only yo realize that the Ultra Expensive Turtle Beach headsets we Own Don’t work with the Xbox Ones Controller Headset. Below we will walk through the steps to create a Modified Xbox one Adapter so that you can use your Expensive Turtle Beach headset with the new Xbox one.

We’re not gonna waste your time so Here goes!

**DISCLAIMER: Modifying your Xbox One headset in this Manner will Void the Warranty on the Headset ** ALSO, Make sure your Over 18 Before trying this MOD or get Parents Permission!**

Xbox One Controller MOD [Turtle Beach Adapter]

Step 1

Opening up the Original Xbox One Headset & Accessing the Wires we’ll need.

REMOVE – The Foam from the headsets Ear piece.


Next using a T6 or T5 Torx Screws. (If you dont have or know what this Screw bit looks like its pictured above. Radio shack usually them for $2.)

Once you get the Earpiece open you will see this. Cut the Blue and Black wires that connect the speaker. Next, remove the T6 wires that connect the Green plat to the headset base.

Once you remove the Green faceplate you’ll see the Above. Pull and try your best to get the wire out of the headset. If all else Fails just cut it close to the base. (the wires are fragile so we want to save as much as possible jut in case you need more.)

You should see 4 Wires on the inside once cut: 
1 Ground Wire (Uncovered  Copper wire)
2 Black Wire (Ground wire  1 volt)
3 Blue Wire ( Speaker wire)
4 White wire (Microphone Wire)



Next we will Expose the wires from your XBOX one Adapter and the Turtle beach headset. You will need about a Half inch of Exposed wire to get a Great connection.

*** The Xbox One Wires have an Enamel Coating and will need to be burned with a Lighter to expose the wires. Once you do this they will catch Fire alittle bit just Blow them out and use your Fingers to clean off the Black residue. (BLOW OUT FIRE FIRST!!)


Next Expose the Wires from your Turtle Beach headset Mic Wire.

There should be 3 Wires:

1 Ground Wire
2 White Wire
3 Red Wire


Expose about a Half inch of each of these as well and Connect them as follows.

XBOX ONE                                      Turtle Beach Headset
Ground Wire + Black Wire    –=–    Ground Wire
Blue Wire   (Speaker)            –=–     Red wire
White Wire  (Mic)                  –=–      White Wire

For Best Results Solder the Wires together If you cant Just use Electrical Tape.

Region capture 309

And thats it! Let us know if you have any questions of had any problems installing this MOD! see you online!

Region capture 310

Xbox One Controller MOD [Turtle Beach Adapter]