Alot of new Xbox One users are experiencing LONG load & Install times for their new games and its pretty annoying. If you are one of the many users out there who are having Xbox One installing games Issues such as Assassins Creed being stuck at 1% or Call of Duty ghost for the xbox one taking forever to install! We have a Few solutions for you below to speed up the Xbox one game installation time and also we have details as to why the installations take so long.

PS4 & the Xbox One both REQUIRE users to install games to the hard drive because of the increasing size of the games and the relatively slow speeds of the Optic Drives.


Basically to speed up the Process of Installation make sure you have your Xbox off Line! Other wise the system will download an update first and Install it with the Game installation. Here is a Break down of what the install times look like with and without the Xbox one downloading an update.

Assassin’s Creed IV:
Xbox One [System offline, no update downloaded]: 5 minutes 50 seconds for full install
Xbox One [with game update, fastest wired connection]: 7 minutes 2 seconds for full install
Xbox One [with game update, 10Mbps connection): 10 minutes 32 seconds for full install

Below are the install times for games with the downloaded update attached to them.

Need For Speed Rivals:
Xbox One: 09:25 (including update)

Just Dance 2014:
Xbox One: 08:48 (including update)

NBA Live 14: 
Xbox One: 16:26 (including update)

FIFA 14:
Xbox One: 16:06 (including update)

Madden 25:
Xbox One: 9:38 (including update)

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