With the mid-season finale of The Walking Dead airing tonight, it’ll be a few months before we get our zombie fix…or will it?

Next weekend is Walker Stalker NY/NJ, and we couldn’t be more psyched to attend! This zombie, horror, and sci-fi convention is hosted in 9 cities all over the world, and features cast members from The Walking Dead, and other shows, like Gotham (hello, Ben McKenzie!). Funded by fans and for the fans, Walker Stalker Con is the BRAINchild of The Walker Stalkers Podcast with James & Eric.


Here’s what we’re most looking forward to:

The Walking Dead Experience: Chapter 1
Similar to the spinoff series Fear The Walking Dead, this 30-minute full-throttle immersive attraction will drop us in a small town on the night the outbreak hits. In this charotic and terrifying world…WILL WE SURVIVE?!

Bringing the Dead to Life
We’ll be getting up close and personal with Bryan “Tate” Steinsiek, special effects and prosthetic makeup artist best known for his appearances in SyFy’s Face Off reality series. In this 120-minute session, we’ll get his pro tips for nailing the perfect zombie cosplay.

Zombie Apocalypse Experience
That’s right – Apocalypse Global, the worldwide leader in producing Live Zombie Gaming events, will be putting our survival skills to the test with a total immersion experience! Armed with Tactical Laser M4’s, we’ll be navigating through an apocalyptic nightmare, taking our zombies along the way.

So how are we planning on surviving this action-packed weekend? Below are our tips to make it out alive:

Every zombie hunter knows that a well-stocked supply bag is paramount. Make sure that all your bases are covered, from hunger to hygiene.


Because maybe you did eat Morgan’s last protein bar.


So will we be seeing you at Walker Stalker Con next weekend? Buy your tickets here, and tweet at us using the hashtag #WSCNYNJ!

Zombie Convention Survival Guide: Geek Prime Heads to Walker Stalker Con!